Let us help you extend and grow your business

Hiring staff and vehicles can be costly. Let Dude do the heavy lifting, we mean it!

Who we work with

Timing is everything. Whether you run a family-owned furniture business, busy distribution warehouse or service that requires moving things around, we know that a helpful hand could make the difference of a world to your customers. With Dude, you can schedule someone to come when you need it and entrust us to make sure it gets to the right place. No matter the size of your business, you can trust Dude to grow with your demands.
Storage Facilities
Retail Stores
Home Stagers
Event Planners
Packing Agencies
Downsizing Companies
Estate Planners
Home Improvement
Garden Centers
Furniture Stores
Appliance Stores

Dude helps you move your stuff

Exceptional service with a smile

We all know that the difference between good service and great service is attitude. Our DUDE drivers go the extra mile for all customers. We pride ourselves on being on-time, having a great attitude and a Whatever it takes attitude.

Safe and secure

People make a business and good service makes us trustworthy. You can count on us to carefully vet and approve each and every single Dude. We have a rigerous on-boarding Process that includes background checks and training.

Technology Driving Customer

Our advanced technology makes it easy for you to schedule a dude for a specific time, or if needed, right away. No more complicated digital interfaces or call centers! Everything can be done instantly through our app at any time.

Outsource your liability

Not only do we care about our dudes, their vehicles and your business, we’ve made sure that we put together a comprehensive liability policy to protect our valued partner businesses.

Door to door service

Whether we need to meet at your warehouse, office or retail store, Dude will know exactly when and where to arrive at designated pick up and drop off points. Need to assign a secondary point of contact? No problem. We’ll be there to load and secure your items from your door, all the way to it’s destination.

Enhance communication

There’s no need to grit your teeth! Dude notifies you and your customer when he or she is on the way via text messaging or using the live view in the app. You’ll also be notified when they arrive, have dropped off the stuff and when the job is completed. Knowing where your dude is means that you can keep your customers happy and offers you, Peace of Mind.

Service you can count on

Since the very beginning, our motto has been ‘One dude, one truck, all he or she can safely lift and fit’. Rest assured that each dude will have the right tools, dolly and moving supplies to make every experience exceptional.

Dude, are you ready?

Setup is easy. Start by shooting us an email today to business@dudeineedatruck.com and we can be delivering for your business by tomorrow.