We created Dude with our friends & family in mind

Asking a friend to borrow their truck can be awkward. So we decided to solve that problem!

This is the story of how Dude came to be

At the very core, Dude I Need A Truck is a technology company with heart, run by real people you can trust. Think of us as your local friend with a truck that you can always count and rely on. With the touch of a button on your smartphone, we pair you with a Dude closest to you. Our bottom line is to ensure you can get things done without asking your friends for any awkward favors.

Though our brand is fun and casual, we take our work and customers very seriously. Dude started with an F150 truck (along with a burst of instinct & intuition) and friends who knew they could trust Jacob Reitzin, Dude’s CEO, to help move, haul and deliver stuff too big to fit in a car. Each day, friends were turning to him for help knowing he was the guy to turn to. And thus began the life and adventure of Dude I Need A Truck, a fun company with advanced technology, ambitions to help move people to a better place and most importantly, soul.

Mission & Core Values

We aim to be genuine, fun, helpful and useful in everything we do at a reasonable price.
Our goal is to be more than a helping hand. We aim to restore humanity, faith, and hope.
Sure we’re a network of dudes with trucks. But we create positive experiences, every day, every customer.

The Dude Family

  • Jacob Reitzin
    Jacob Reitzin Founder, CEO
  • Jared Reitzin
    Jared Reitzin Co-Founder, Chairman
  • Elyse Rossler
    Elyse Rossler Director of Partnerships
  • Marilynn Salgado
    Marilynn Salgado Head of Customer Experience
  • Jesse Kuehn
    Jesse Kuehn Community Manager - Austin
  • Marcus Turton
    Marcus Turton Community Manager - Los Angeles
  • Slava Chabanov
    Slava Chabanov Android Developer
  • Geff Hanoian
    Geff Hanoian Principle Architect, Systems

Dude Advisors

  • Jonathan White
    Jonathan White Online Marketing Expert
  • James Smiley
    James Smiley Mobile Conversions Expert
  • Jon Schreiber
    Jon Schreiber President, Mercury Radio Arts
  • Stephen Lynch
    Stephen Lynch COO, Results.com
  • Ming Chan
    Ming Chan CEO, The1stMovement