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We go to great lengths to make sure we keep you and your stuff safe. All of our dudes are verified, trained, and experienced.

Won’t fit in your car? No problem!

We know moving can be a hassle. Sometimes it just won’t fit in your car! Our dudes will help you load and secure your stuff in their pickup truck.

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Can’t be there at either pickup or dropoff location? Add a contact person so that our dudes know how to get to your stuff. Easy peasy?

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Don’t spend countless hours wondering where your driver is. Our app makes it easy. Once your dude is on their way, you will see his/her location.

Popular uses for hiring a Dude

Bought a couch on Craigslist

Bought something online? Put the entire transaction on someone else’s plate using our “add contact” feature.

Bulky home improvement materials or supplies

Don’t get your car dirty. Purchase your items and have a dude come, load and deliver them to your home.

Students moving in or out of college

We understand that moving is stressful. Leave the logistics to Dude. Leave it to us so you can focus on finals.

How does it work? Dude, it’s a breeze!

Need it now or later? Your choice, just let us know!
Enter your pickup and drop off locations. Instant quote, voila!
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  • Dude I Need A Truck was fast, efficient, affordable (between me and all of my housemates), and hassle free. We requested a truck just a couple hours before we needed it as a last resort sort of thing, and Conrad came to the rescue. He was so relaxed, experienced, kind, and easy to work with! We are definitely coming back next time we need a Dude and a Truck.

    Elizabeth J.
    Elizabeth J.
  • Dude, this service is incredible. I downloaded the app in five minutes. Met my first driver, excuse me, "dude" in less than 30, and was all moved within 90 minutes flat. Friendly dude. Clean truck. Heck, I didn't even break a sweat. How incredible is that?

    Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R.
  • Super easy to use and the dude was very sweet and helpful. If you don't want to deal with transporting your table or couch, just use this app. Within half an hour, the dude loaded my bedroom set into his truck. 20 minutes later, he was at my new apartment unloading and moving things into my new bedroom. The entire process took about 45 minutes -- much quicker than any of us would have been able to do alone. Everything was transported and delivered safely. Loved it!!

    Sangravee T.
    Sangravee T.
  • Best service ever! So easy, so simple, so affordable! I used the iPhone app to set up everything! Dude shows up on time. Dude carefully loads his truck with 30+ boxes. Dude drives to our storage unit. Dude carefully unloads our boxes and puts them in our storage unit. Exactly what we needed. I just scheduled another Dude to haul a load of stuff to the thrift shop. I highly recommend Dude, I need a truck!

    Peter T.
    Peter T.
  • The Dudes are where it's at- no more trying find that friend who swore he'd return the favor. Now just get a Dude. Set a pick up location, then a destination and they'll give you a price in the app. A Dude with a truck shows up and off you go. No more embarrassing trips home with a mattress tied down to the top of your Prius while you hold it down with one arm out the window because now we have the Dude. Trust me, JUST DUDE IT!

    Sara M.
    Sara M.