Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dude I Need a Truck?

Dude I Need A Truck instantly connects you to a local Dude with a truck in your community. Request a Dude and instantly get your couch, mattress, or any item moved for you. You can also schedule a move for a future time and date if you are planning ahead. Dude hours are from 8AM to 8PM.

How much does a Dude cost? And how does it all work?

The rate is calculated by the estimated time and distance of your move, haul, or delivery. This includes 1 Dude, 1 pick up truck, and 1 load of items. You can load as many items into the truck as long as it is safe and secure and your Dude approves. If you need an extra load then just re-order the service then and there and your Dude will re-appear.

What happens if the job takes longer than expected?

DUDE charges an additional $1/minute service fee when the job exceeds the allotted micro-move time frame. Each job is given an allotment of 2 hours per micro-move. When the 2 hour time allotment is reached, User agrees to pay an additional $1/minute charge until the job is completed. Should the job run into any unforeseen circumstances, your dude is compensated appropriately for his time.

Do I help out the Dude with my move?

Your Dude can move most of your items on his own with the help of a dolly, some muscle, and a few mysterious fulcrum points. If there is an item that is heavier or needs to be carried into a tight space, a helping hand would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t manage to help, (or just prefer not to) just ask a friend or neighbor. Remember it’s all about building community.

How long does it take for a Dude to show up?

Your Dude will usually arrive at the pickup location 15-45 minutes after your request. You’ll get an ETA within seconds of requesting. If you choose to “Schedule your Dude” for a future time and date, then sit back and relax. Your Dude will show up at the time you have scheduled.

What area does Dude I Need A Truck cover?

Currently, we cover Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, Camarillo, Goleta, Isla Vista, and Carpinteria.

How do I pay for my Dude?

All payments are done through the app. We verify your credit card when you request a Dude, and payment is processed once we fulfill your request.

What if I need 2 dudes?

If you need two dudes then you can simply order/schedule a second dude via the app for the same date and time as a separate request. This way, you will get two dudes and two trucks. They can knock down two loads/trips in one fell swoop. (Please Note: If you need a second dude but not a second truck we only provide the dude with his truck and you will be charged accordingly via the app) 

What if I just need a dude to help load or unload a moving truck or a POD? Or just need help moving items around but do not need a truck?

If you just “need a dude and some muscle” and not a truck then please contact us using the Contact Form and we will do our best to coordinate this for you. The charge for a dude and some muscle is 1$ per minute. And remember all of our dudes/dudette’s are superheros.

Can I tip my Dude?

Tipping is entirely optional, but if you wish to reward your Dude for a job well done and for going the extra mile, you may tip in cash.

How do I speak with my Dude?

After your request, you have the ability to text or call your Dude directly, to discuss any details, or logistics, or just to say hello!

Does a Dude disassemble/assemble my items?

Your Dude is only required to physically move the items from point A to point B. Your Dude will expect the items to be appropriately packed beforehand.

What about safety?

All Dudes undergo extensive criminal and motor vehicle background checks before they are allowed access to the Dude network. Dudes are also required to complete intensive ride-along training with a mentor before performing a move independently.

I don’t have a smartphone so I cannot download the app but I still need a dude!

If you don’t have a smartphone to download app and request, do not fret. We still love you. Use the Contact Form and send us details of your pick up info, requested time and date you need a dude and truck and we will order one for you.

Do you accept cash or check?

No. Sorry, only plastic. 🙂

I want to be a Dude partner, how do I apply?

Please download the iOS or Android app. In the settings page, click on “Become A Dude”, and apply. We will reach out to you with more information.