DIY or do it with Dude?

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective, convenient and flexible solution for your do-it-yourself move, then a moving truck rental might prove to be your best option up front, but is it really?.With a host of moving services available to choose from these days, including portable moving containers and professional relocation services, only a truck rental provides you with one hundred percent complete control over your move, but you’re still breaking your own back and sucking your precious time. So why not DIWD it? Do it with dudes. DUDE labor offers you the company of awesome dudes and saves you from breaking your own back trying to it completely on your own. Enter

National coverage

Many of the larger moving truck and van rental companies maintain pick-up and drop-off centers in most major cities across the United States. Even if you move to another state, most companies will have a service center nearby where you can return the truck once you’re finished with it.

Various truck sizes

If you have a modicum of household items to transport, you can save money by renting a smaller moving truck. Most moving truck rental companies offer trucks with a range of capacities so finding one to fit your items comfortably is usually easy. By choosing the correct size truck, you’ll save money and your items will be snugly packed for safer transport. Plus, choose large enough and your move can be successfully managed in one trip. You got your truck rental but still need help. Think

 Do you really Save money with DIY moving?

One of the most significant reasons why truck rentals are so popular among DIY movers is that when used properly, they can save the mover hundreds of dollars in up front moving and transport costs but what’s your time really worth?  First ask yourself what’s the trade off and value of my time? Or order dudes from and instead of #DIY do it with some hard working and happy #DUDES 🙂

Vehicle transportation

With a moving truck rental, getting your vehicle to your new home is easy and it won’t cost you a dime in extra costs outside of the trailer rental. All rental trucks are equipped with a ball socket that can accompany a vehicle trailer. With this feature, you can tow your vehicle to your new home while cutting costs associated with fuel, tolls and other costs related to driving in separate vehicles.

Suitable for short and long distance moves

Rental moving trucks are a great choice for both local and long distance moves. They cut down on repeated trips and they can save you time and energy.

Coverage options

Depending on your homeowner’s and auto insurance, you and your items may be covered while in the process of moving. But if your policies don’t offer this benefit, truck rental agencies offer a range of different coverage options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Enjoy a greener move

If you’re interested in doing your part for the environment, you’ll be glad to know that many truck rental companies offer trucks powered by diesel. This fuel allows the truck to travel farther while using less when compared with gasoline. Rental truck companies also maintain mostly late model trucks which means cleaner- running engines with fewer emissions and improved fuel economy.

Moving accessories available

When you’re managing a do-it-yourself move, there are many things that arise that can wind up costing you money you weren’t aware of. This includes many of the moving accessories necessary for facilitating a safe and easy move, like a dolly and packing blankets. Moving truck rentals come with a dolly and packing blankets on board. If you choose to use these accessories, you will know beforehand how much they will cost you, but if you don’t need to use them, then you can save yourself even more money. But, it’s nice having them there in case you need them. Or your own dudes that you order can bring these tools 🙂 Simple.

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